Posted by: looptangle | October 28, 2008


First, before I get ahead of myself, next year I am going ALL OUT for Halloween.  This year we won’t be around for it, so I just can’t really get in the spirit.  Although I do have some ideas for decorations next year.

Photo by w_dinkel on

Photo by w_dinkel on

I’ve started planning and budgeting for winter holiday stuff, which gets me thinking about the most efficient, elegant way to do things.

  • I don’t really do the Santa/Christ thing.
  • I’m a Unitarian and that means I can pretty much do whatever I want as long as I’m not infringing on anyone else and it enlightens me.
  • I like fire, trees, snow, and ornaments.  Especially birds!
  • I LOVE giving presents!
  • Getting them isn’t bad either.
  • An excuse to tell people how much you love them is always a positive thing.

So, I’m converting to Solsticeareanism this year.  I just made that word up.  You can use it too.  We Solsticeareans surround ourselves with bright, warm, pretty things and share our blessings with others.  Made by hand, if at all possible.

Join my cult of awesome.



  1. Oooooh I love your new word. I want to be a Solsticearean too! It’s a great idea, Warm, bright, pretty and maybe even shiny things!

    And you KNOW I’m all for handmadeism. Woops, another new word!

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