Posted by: looptangle | November 19, 2008

The Monster Hat that Almost Ate Atlanta

I’ve enjoyed Marnie McLean’s patterns for a while now, and when she recently released her Alsace Le Monstre hat pattern, just in time for me to whip it up for a late-summer baby shower, I was really pleased. The hat is just adorable, and the construction is really well thought out.

Super Secret Hat

Here’s an in-progress shot.  You may have noticed a lot of green yarn lately.  Yep, all from that very skein of Cotton Ease.  Very nice cotton/acrylic blend.  I decided to use the green for the teeth because I liked the lower contrast.

Monster Hat for Kate

Here’s a detail of the horns.  The one on the left is stuffed.  Isn’t that cool?  I love twistie horns.

Monster Hat for Kate

The eye is crocheted, and I only had 100% wool, so I felted it before I sewed it on.
Monster Hat for Kate Monster Hat for Kate

On the left, unfelted.  The hardest part was getting the horns to line up and twist the way I wanted them, but they’re pretty forgiving once they’re sewn on.  You can smoosh them and twist them if you really need them the be symmetrical.

Monster Hat for Kate

All wrapped up and ready for the shower.  I’m philosophically opposed to pastels for children.  An interesting side effect?  Compliments on the wrapping since it tends to stand out.  Cool.

No action pictures yet, but he’ll grow into it soon.  His mama tried to put it on, but alas, her head was too fully-grown.  Still, a high compliment indeed.



  1. I love this! Marnie’s designs are so *smart*, you know?

  2. It’s absolutely fantastic!

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