Posted by: looptangle | November 24, 2008

More Baby Knitting than You Can Shake a Baby At.

You shouldn’t though.  Shaking babies is bad.

My manager at work is due in December, so we had a shower for her at work last week.  You may know my anti-pastels-for-children policy, so I jumped for joy when I found a baby hat designed to be made with Noro!

My poor camera is on its way out, so I took these with the not-great camera phone:

Noro Baby Hat for Work Kate Noro Baby Hat for Work Kate

Cuffed and uncuffed.  (It’s amazing how similar my Magic 8 Ball is to the size of a newborn baby’s head.)

This hat has such a HUGE payoff for very little work.  I started it during a web design meetup presentation on PHP and the crown shaping is really easy to keep track of in your head.  Well, I’ve had a bit of lace knitting practice, so it might not have been so easy for me a couple of years ago.

Mama and Daddy loved it and I think were both relieved by the pretty colors.  I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the wrapping paper, but it was white with photographs of chimps wearing party hats.   Again, compliments.  I love how being my quirky, unusual self surprises people.  I also love that their surprise surprises me; I so often live in my own little bubble world.


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