Posted by: looptangle | November 25, 2008

Time Travel: Duct Tape Doubles

Now with New and Improved Pregnancy capabilities!

Kate, Jo and I assembled a few months ago to create our doubles out of an old Tshirt and, you guessed it, duct tape.  It’s pretty straightforward, and it’s not dangerous to the baby (I’ve seen him, he’s doing great!) because you don’t wrap the victim tightly.  It’s not overly pleasant to be inside the duct tape, but only in the sense that a tight leather jacket is uncomfortable sometimes.

Kate's Duct Tape Double Kate's Duct Tape Double Kate's Duct Tape Double

Kate went first.  She had a great sense of humor about it.  I was very nervous about taping her belly since I don’t have much experience with pregnant people, but it turned out great.

Kate's Duct Tape Double Kate's Duct Tape Double

Left: The obligatory boob shot.  You just have to laugh.

Right: All wrapped up.  We put cling wrap around Kate’s neckline so we could get the duct tape right up there without any discomfort.  And what a cute belly!  She mentioned she’ll probably save it as a souvenir.

Jessi's Duct Tape Double Jessi's Duct Tape Double

I was next.  It feels weird.

Jo's Duct Tape Double Jo's Duct Tape Double

Left:  I got a little silly when it was Jo’s turn.  Arrrr!  Duct tape pirate!

Right: Kate drew a center line on each double, with a bellybutton marking.  Very handy for fitting purposes.


  • A second layer of duct tape would be a good idea.  I don’t know about Jo’s but Kate’s and mine both seemed to stretch when we stuffed them.  I solved that by putting my corset on it, since I was working on the Polonaise (to be worn over said corset) anyway.
  • Kate suggested the “old hanger through the neck, then stuff” method.  Very handy.  I hang mine in the doorframe of the studio, so the waist is around eye level.  Use your imagination to picture the plastic store hanger at the top…
  • It’s interesting to see your shape from the third person vantage point.  Stuff looks different, sometimes better!


  1. Oh Kate is going to get no end of teasing from me over this. 🙂

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